Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The Rebel Pin-Up Page!

Hello lovely followers and fans :)

I got excited news the other week and forgot to share!

My photo was selected to be on The Rebel Pinup Page as girl Thursday!!

And about 1000 people liked it! So many warm fuzzies right now!

Check it out!!

Pinup Page Girl Thursday - Miss Emily Belle

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Capital Fetish Ball 2011

Wellington is set to be whipped and tantalized into a frenzy at Capital Fetish Ball 2011. 

The theme is “Saints and Sinners”. After last full capacity event this year is set to be even bigger with expansion of all three levels of the Garden Club complex getting kinky for this amazing and unique event. 

So if you are looking for that perfect individual hairstyle or amazing unique makeup for this awesome event email me at! I still have bookings available :)

Bring a Friend for Free!

What better way to encourage our happy clients new and old, to return for s spuce up, than to bring a friend with them - for free? Please note your friend-for-free must be new to Wildilocks - so get the word out, and get yourself the equivalent of 50% off! You can book appointments immediately for any date in August, friend must be on the same day and applies to almost all hair services including cuts colours, dreadlocks, vintage styling and more!

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Hey lovelies!!

Just a quick post to tell you what I'm up to at the moment!

I've just started off working full time as a junior for Wildilocks Hair Salon on Cuba St. It's amazing! Hard work but so rewarding. I am still doing styling but I wanted to get to know everything I can about hair and how it's done so that one day when I open my own salon (eeeek!) I know exactly how things work and can step in when I need to.

Check out their website!

I've just dyed my hair red FINALLY and I love it! Because of my PPD allergies (chemical in permanent hair dye which also makes me allergic to almost any dye) I had never actually built up the courage to do it and see if it would work without me being in a lot of pain as the up keep for red hair is so intense I just wouldn't be able to keep up if I had a severe reaction each time. 

So I bit the bullet and tried Directions Hair Colour and it is FANTASTIC!! I can't praise it highly enough! I did not react to it AT ALL. No redness, swelling, sores, nothing! I am amazed and so happy! I used a mix of Flame and Vermillion. 

For some reason I can't upload a pic...will do it later!! Or go here to see pictures on my Belle's Bombshells facebook fan page :)

And so lastly the reason for my sudden decision to go's my 21st Birthday Party this weekend! I cannot wait!! It's a Nautical themed party and I'm having live music and fabulous drinks and awesome decorations! And the BEST DRESS ever! The Sailor Swing Dress from Pinup Girl Clothing! Exciting!

So that's all my news for now :) 

Will update you again soon!! xx

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Americana A La Mode

The wait is over!  Americarna Calendars are finally available.  These little babies are raising money for Christchurch Earthquake Appeal and the Hutt Hospital's Neonatal Unit.  They are limited edition only 2000 of them will be made and a quarter of them sold before they were even printed, so make sure you get yours before they are gone. 

Over 60 volunteers from around the country chipped in to make this calendar to support the Special Care Baby Unit and when the Christchurch Earthquake hit in the middle of filming they all said lets print some more and help them out too!

Get yours HERE


In conjunction with Paradox Photography NZ I am pleased to announce the special offer price list for Hair &\or Makeup to compliment any of the shoot packages Paradox Photography offer!

I have made my services available to Paradox clients for the ultra discounted rate of $50 for Hair OR Makeup or an amazing $90 for BOTH!! This is a permanent offer to Paradox clients, so go check out her page for work examples. ♥!!

Testimony from Roxy at Paradox Photography:

Massive thanks to Emily Belle from Belles Bombshells for making such a generous offer to my clients, this is a huge cut off normal rates! Ive worked with Emily several times now, and have been impressed by her professionalism and high work standards. This girl gets GREAT results!!

So get booking now ladies! xx

Friday, 13 May 2011

New Tutorial - Rockabilly look

Hey hair geeks!

I know you've all been dying for me to bring out a new tutorial with a bit of a twist and a new look so...

This one is for you :)


It's out!!

Hello fellow vintage lovers!

Good news! The Pin Up for Prems Calendar is finally printed and ready for action!!

To order yours go HERE


Saturday, 7 May 2011


I have some big news for you all!

Me and the amazing Roxy from Paradox Photography have joined forces to offer high quality hair, makeup and photoshoot packages!

I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Roxy many times and have always been so impressed at her talent and how wonderful and comfortable she makes you feel while she's shooting. Such an inspiration! 

Details of packages will be up shortly! In the meantime check out the Paradox Photography page here

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

My favourite products!

Hello fellow pin up geeks!

I thought I would share with you some of my favourite hair products that really do help to create those gorgeous pin up shapes that we all love!

Starting off with my favourite product of all time!

#1 - Fudge Skyscraper Hairspray

          This stuff is THE BEST hairspray I have EVER found! I've used it since I was 15 and cannot recommend it enough! It has a medium hold factor which I adore as it doesn't make the hair look hard and immobile. It holds everything in place for hours whilst still allowing movement and leaving the hair to look lush and not straw. It also smells amazing, apple and coconut scented! Yum!

#2 - Joico Joiwhip Mousse

          Again I have used this product since I was 15 and have never found a better mousse! My hair is naturally quite flat and this gives it a serious oomph of volume. You can either put it through towel-dried hair (only in the roots!) and blow dry upside down for great fresh volume (remember to turn the cool setting on the hair dryer and cool down your hair before turning upright! This will allow the hair to set and keep its height) or to save some time I like to wash my hair at night, towel dry, put the mousse through the roots and tie my hair on top of my head. This allows my hair to dry up overnight and the product to work its magic without heat.

#3 - Davines Hair Putty for Wizards

         I LOVE THIS STUFF! It gives an amazing amount of texture and tackiness to the hair without it looking greasy! Perfect for anyone having trouble with fine hair! I like to use it in the roots and tease to create a base for trickier styles.

#4 - Joice Pomade

Pomade is a totally overlooked and underestimated product. It gives amazing smooth and shine to curls, rolls and fingerwaves. It creates control and texture for the more elaborate styles and helps to keep the hair together, again with no greasy look or feel. Ladies, you NEED to try this!

My Debut Performance!


The day I have been dreaming of for a long time is looming ever closer! My debut burlesque performance will be at the end of this month on the 27th at Carousel Cabaret! Two days after my 21st birthday :)

Come along and see the show!

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Lilly Loca!

How gorgeous is this woman! Such a stunner and the most lovely lady!
She is also an extremely talented performer and I had the pleasure of seeing her on stage at Carousel Cabaret. Wow! You MUST see her if you ever get the chance!

You can find the details of her next performances on her facebook page and check out her show too -Lilly Loca's Vaudeville Cabaret in Auckland!

Photo by Alessandro Saponi
"Temptress' costume
MUA - Lilly Loca
Hair - Emily Belle at Belle's Bombshells

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Carousel Burlesque Cabaret April!

Come along and witness the glamour and glitz of Wellingtons Carousel Cabaret! Wellingtons only high end Burlesque Revue!

From fire fans to sword swallowing, aerial silks to candy floss and cabaret singing to best dressed competitions this show is not one to miss!

It runs on the last weekend of every month at Estadio on Blair St in Wellington just off Courtney Place. Get in early! This is a sell out show!!

This months performances by:
Lilly Loca
Clo Miranda
Willow Noir
Vinyl Burns
Eva Strangelove
Mary Magdalene
Pip E-Lysaah

See you there! x

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Mandi Lynn - A La Mode

This woman has some serious talent.

Need I say more?

MUA by Natalie Henderson of Hil Cook

Monday, 14 March 2011

Pin Up for Prems Part Deux

My second shot from the Pin Up for Prems Calendar shoot!

Hard to believe it's me! Mandi Lynn is a genius!
Thank you!!!
See more of her photography at A La Mode Photographic Boutique!


Who wants a Pin Up shoot!!??

Hey guys,

So you want to be spoiled rotten, look fantastic, and have a crazy good time?  You are your hottest and you want to make sure that the right team captures it for you now and forever?  Well then be quick and sign up for one of our 7 spaces at the Museum Hotel PinUp Extravaganza on the 9-10th of April.

Mandi Lynn from A La Mode Photography is holding a Pin Up Extravaganza at the gorgeous Museum Hotel on the 9th and 10th of April 2011! You will recieve:

  • 1 hour pampering by a playful and highly talented makeup team and pin up or boudoir style hair by Emily Belle of Belle's Bombshells in a suite in the Museum Hotel
  • 1.5 hour photoshoot with the multi award winning Mandi Lynn.  She will bring out all of your best features and teach you how to pose yourself to rock what you got!  (Mandi is a plus size girl and knows how to highlight assets and diminish those that have developed a mind of their own)
  • An a4 copy of any framed print purchased ($235.00 value)

These images are truly timeless and you can show them off forever!
Your future generations will know you were a babe!

Book in your space here


Saturday, 26 February 2011

Pin Up for Prems!

Hi ladies and gents!

So today was the last shoot for the Pin Up for Prems calendar! Pre order your calendar HERE . We have printed 2000 copies, 100% of the profit will be donated to either the Special Care Unit at Hutt Hospital for premature babies and since the earthquake they decided to print an extra 1000 to donate the profit from those to Christchurch. So on your order form please state which charity you would like to donate to :)
It was so much fun but thank god it's done, I can't imagine how tired Mandi and Georgia must be!

My shoot was after Good Morning last thursday and it was my first ever shoot. I didn't tell Mandi until afterwards and she couldn't believe it so I guess I did well :)
I had the amazing Eva there with me too to help and she was great helping me with angles, reminding me to smile, making me laugh and adjusting my costume to allow for more boobs!! Haha.

So this is the shot Mandi has chosen. If you know me you know that I am insanely critical of myself and find it really difficult to see what others can. I think I actually like this shot...which is amazing haha. Mandi Lynn of A La Mode Photography is such a talented photographer and it was an honour to be shot by her. If you're reading this Mandi, THANK YOU so much xx

What do you guys think??


Monday, 21 February 2011

I'm going to be on TV!

How exciting!

I am going to be on the Good Morning Show on thursday morning at around 10am with Miss Eva Strangelove to promote the Pin Up for Prems Calendar! Mandi Lynn the photographer and Georgia Wright will be speaking about how awesome it is while we sit on hot rods in the background!

I am so scared! But so stoked!

Check it out :)


Sunday, 20 February 2011

Carousel Cabaret Wellington

Presenting the fabulous Venus Starr! Venus is a multi talented circus performer, burlesque dancer and teacher and she is now the creator, producer and director of Carousel Cabaret Wellington! It is Wellington's only high end burlesque revue and runs every month!

The next show is Friday 25th February at 8pm at Estadio on Blair St.
Tickets $25 cash door sales only.

Performers include The Magenta Diamond, Ruby Ruin, Felicity Frockaccino, Ponie Ryder, Eva Strangelove, Willow Noir, Clo Miranda, Jenny Ritchie (Aerial Silks), Hannah Tasker-Poland (Fire Fans) and your host Mr Vinyl Burns! This is a sell out show so don't miss out and come early!

As well as all of that fun there is also Cotton Candy girls selling some sweet treats, a Burlesque stall where you can purchase gorgeous goodies and a fantastic bar for great cocktails and platters :)

There will be a Best Dressed Deadly Dame Competition on the night! The winner will receive a photoshoot with AJ Photography and Pin Up or Burlesque style hair by me! So get out your swag and show off a little!

See you there!! xx

Those gorgeous women!

Hello new followers!

If you are all wondering who that amazingly sexy and stunning woman is at the top right of this page her name is Eva Strangelove! The photo was taken by Mandi Lynn of A La Mode Photography and the makeup was done by Natalie Henderson from Hil Cook Makeup Artistry. Hair of course is by me :) The shot is from a series that are going to be used for the cover of the Pin Up for Prems Charity Calendar. You can learn more and order your calendar here -

Eva is a very talented burlesque performer based in Wellington who performs every month for Carousel Cabaret. She is also a great friend of mine <3

Check out her fan page on facebook to see what she's doing, when she's performing and of course go through those lovely pictures of hers!

To meet Eva and see her perform come to Carousel Cabaret Wellington this Friday 25th Feb at Estadio on Blair St! Doors open at 8pm but get in early to get a seat! This is a sell out show!!

The woman on the left is Melissa Spiller from Mellypop Lingerie! This was shot by Roxy from Paradox Photography during a Yummy Mummy Pin Up themed shoot. Beautiful woman! Check out Mellypop lingerie here -

You can view Paradox Photography on facebook here -!/pages/Paradox-Photography-NZ/270379351132?sk=wall
She is one of my favourite local photographers and just an amazing lady all round x

Love you all ladies!

My first ever blog!

Hello people!

I thought it would be fun to start a blog so all of you can see what I'm up to and how Belle's Bombshells is growing and progressing!

Hopefully you find my adventures interesting :)

So without further blah blah blah welcome to Belle's Bombshells!!

Emily Belle x