Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Hey lovelies!!

Just a quick post to tell you what I'm up to at the moment!

I've just started off working full time as a junior for Wildilocks Hair Salon on Cuba St. It's amazing! Hard work but so rewarding. I am still doing styling but I wanted to get to know everything I can about hair and how it's done so that one day when I open my own salon (eeeek!) I know exactly how things work and can step in when I need to.

Check out their website!

I've just dyed my hair red FINALLY and I love it! Because of my PPD allergies (chemical in permanent hair dye which also makes me allergic to almost any dye) I had never actually built up the courage to do it and see if it would work without me being in a lot of pain as the up keep for red hair is so intense I just wouldn't be able to keep up if I had a severe reaction each time. 

So I bit the bullet and tried Directions Hair Colour and it is FANTASTIC!! I can't praise it highly enough! I did not react to it AT ALL. No redness, swelling, sores, nothing! I am amazed and so happy! I used a mix of Flame and Vermillion. 

For some reason I can't upload a pic...will do it later!! Or go here to see pictures on my Belle's Bombshells facebook fan page :)

And so lastly the reason for my sudden decision to go's my 21st Birthday Party this weekend! I cannot wait!! It's a Nautical themed party and I'm having live music and fabulous drinks and awesome decorations! And the BEST DRESS ever! The Sailor Swing Dress from Pinup Girl Clothing! Exciting!

So that's all my news for now :) 

Will update you again soon!! xx

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