Wednesday, 4 May 2011

My favourite products!

Hello fellow pin up geeks!

I thought I would share with you some of my favourite hair products that really do help to create those gorgeous pin up shapes that we all love!

Starting off with my favourite product of all time!

#1 - Fudge Skyscraper Hairspray

          This stuff is THE BEST hairspray I have EVER found! I've used it since I was 15 and cannot recommend it enough! It has a medium hold factor which I adore as it doesn't make the hair look hard and immobile. It holds everything in place for hours whilst still allowing movement and leaving the hair to look lush and not straw. It also smells amazing, apple and coconut scented! Yum!

#2 - Joico Joiwhip Mousse

          Again I have used this product since I was 15 and have never found a better mousse! My hair is naturally quite flat and this gives it a serious oomph of volume. You can either put it through towel-dried hair (only in the roots!) and blow dry upside down for great fresh volume (remember to turn the cool setting on the hair dryer and cool down your hair before turning upright! This will allow the hair to set and keep its height) or to save some time I like to wash my hair at night, towel dry, put the mousse through the roots and tie my hair on top of my head. This allows my hair to dry up overnight and the product to work its magic without heat.

#3 - Davines Hair Putty for Wizards

         I LOVE THIS STUFF! It gives an amazing amount of texture and tackiness to the hair without it looking greasy! Perfect for anyone having trouble with fine hair! I like to use it in the roots and tease to create a base for trickier styles.

#4 - Joice Pomade

Pomade is a totally overlooked and underestimated product. It gives amazing smooth and shine to curls, rolls and fingerwaves. It creates control and texture for the more elaborate styles and helps to keep the hair together, again with no greasy look or feel. Ladies, you NEED to try this!

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