Saturday, 26 February 2011

Pin Up for Prems!

Hi ladies and gents!

So today was the last shoot for the Pin Up for Prems calendar! Pre order your calendar HERE . We have printed 2000 copies, 100% of the profit will be donated to either the Special Care Unit at Hutt Hospital for premature babies and since the earthquake they decided to print an extra 1000 to donate the profit from those to Christchurch. So on your order form please state which charity you would like to donate to :)
It was so much fun but thank god it's done, I can't imagine how tired Mandi and Georgia must be!

My shoot was after Good Morning last thursday and it was my first ever shoot. I didn't tell Mandi until afterwards and she couldn't believe it so I guess I did well :)
I had the amazing Eva there with me too to help and she was great helping me with angles, reminding me to smile, making me laugh and adjusting my costume to allow for more boobs!! Haha.

So this is the shot Mandi has chosen. If you know me you know that I am insanely critical of myself and find it really difficult to see what others can. I think I actually like this shot...which is amazing haha. Mandi Lynn of A La Mode Photography is such a talented photographer and it was an honour to be shot by her. If you're reading this Mandi, THANK YOU so much xx

What do you guys think??


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